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We've got our first traveltech job 8 years ago. Since then we've been continuously learning the planet of the travel and hospitality industry and built some state-of-art web and mobile solutions.

Today we are a unique team in travel software design and development. We provide the perfect mix of industry familiarity, trending technology, and expertise, ensuring our customers get the right keys to the digital tomorrow.

Travel design? To deliver a genuinely user-friendly and selling user interface and keep up to nowadays available travel booking experience you need to call the Genie. Or, what might work better, find a user-centric designer with experience in travel product design, one that knows the search-to-book data and flows, and understands the business decisions behind them. Our UI and UX specialists possess portfolios packed with travel and hospitality projects.

Development! One of the main priorities in Hacktech, is being on the frontline of technological progress. Not in biochemical, but in travel and hospitality. The stack we've got, the project methodologies we use, the task and process governance, the quality assurance processes, everything is based set according to the latest best practices. We code it to be clean, fast, and documented. We want our code to be an asset to our client. We have delivered flight, hotel, car and other services booking web and mobile applications, travel guides and itinerary builders, tour package builders and trip sharing apps, and more.

Leading travel product suppliers with APIs to integrate. We've got you covered - connected over a hundred APIs and we take it as our home now. Traditional GDSs, huge bed banks, ratings and reviews, online flight check-in, or other advanced solutions, name it, we know it.

Travel Management Solutions

HackTech solutions offer your travel business the perfect way to A to Z automation. We develop and deliver digital tools that enable search, booking, and management, help to set up flawless customer communication and relations, create internal policies and rules, acquire payments, and track transactions. We've got world-class solutions for every stage.

Distribution Solutions

We integrated with Traveltech global players leading the industry, the jet set, and ensure all the necessary data is at your fingertips, be it flight, train, hotel, transfer, car rental, activities, or other. We'll make sure our customers partner with the right ones, without breaking the bank too!

Our approach

Our company provides next-level travel solutions to global players of all sizes and stages. From established international powerhouses to ambitious startups – we got it covered! Our work empowers clients with improved efficiency while they soar toward success.

The best digital travel experts in the region

To launch a travel project a piece of knowledge is needed, you'll bump into codes, mapping, incentives, payment restrictions, and more. After that, once a year has gone by and the search is working fine, please welcome the galaxy of static or dynamic content, huge data store, structure, manage and expose - millions of units, rates, and extras out there, besides a lot of restrictions, compliance... Save your time and energy for the fun stuff, we nail this down 8 hours per day, 40 per week, for years. We are the experts.

Our Case Study

Our company provides next-level travel solutions to global players of all sizes and stages. From established international powerhouses, to ambitious startups – we got it covered! Our software empowers clients with improved efficiency while they soar towards success.

Meet the incredible Trazler, the first AI-backed-up and genuinely all-in-one trip planner. Trazler gives the ability to create seamless trip itineraries in just a few clicks. It offers a door-to-door trip planning experience - nothing else quite like it in the travel booking space. Complex trips planning - Intuitive User interface and unique trip planning experience - Smooth itinerary creation - Integrations with the very best providers.

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