Our cloud servers and control panel have been developed to simplify your entire experience. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources.


The cooperation with PacHosting has been started in 2017.
During that time we went through many things, i.e. lots of difficult tasks, bugs, hotfixes, fundamental changes, team downgrades, upgrades, etc. Now, based on experience gained these years, we can confidently say that PacHosting is one of the best partners with whom working is a great pleasure. The team is heartfelt for all the victories and defeats that are part of our company’s growth.
PacHosting provides comprehensive hosting and related support services to help companies establish online businesses.
Their product LayerStack is a fast-growing cloud infrastructure provider. LayerStack is committed to maintaining a simple, scalable, and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for cloud deployment. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with multiple data centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Los Angeles.
LayerPanel v2.0 has been specifically developed to meet the demands of enterprise users by expanding its control panel features with APIs. The goal is to provide customers with maximum control over their cloud management.
The purpose of the clients was to create a new version of LayerStack which currently is a more advanced and developed version of the old product. The aim was to keep the main functionality of v1.0, and at the same time to create some new features and modifications.
The goal was to provide customers with maximum control over their cloud management and have a project developed with the latest technologies with a user-friendly design.


First of all, we decided to get acquainted with the project, and after several pieces of research on this sphere, we introduced the scope and flow of work to the client. We have suggested integrating the project with Laravel and Vue.js, which is very user-friendly with Laravel, and MySQL for the database.
The product itself consists of 4 projects:
– User API
– Admin panel (which contains Admin API as well)
– UI project
– Composer package (which was created to summarize the common parts for admin and user panel)
Our developers, who already have a quite big experience, introduced the structure of the project and database with the best-practiced solutions, using all given Laravel opportunities and design patterns.


The LayerStack was launched in July 2019 but we continue the development of new features and improvement of the existing ones.
We currently have thousands of customers and subscriptions on the platform. The latest version of LayerPanel delivers many long-awaited features with a complete and intuitive interface where companies can take advantage of rapid deployment and continuous expansion. Here is a list of services that have been developed over the years and are successfully provided:
– Cloud Server
– Dedicated Cloud
– Dedicated GPU
– Load Balancer
– China Direct CN2 Route
– DDoS Protection
– Global Private Network
– Firewall
– Cloud Server Managed Service
– Backup
– Cloud Control Panel
– LayerStack API
– Templates
– Dedicated Bandwidth
– Account members’ invitation and management
– User Permission Management
And as proof of our success, we are honored to share the LayerStack awards from Mediazone:
– 2022 February – Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong
– 2022 April – Asia’s Most Reliable Cloud & Networking Solutions

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