Code Quality Audit: What Is It and Why Your Product Need It ?

Posted on October 17, 2023 by Hakob Sharabkhanyan, CEO & Founder at HackTech

Releasing a product with just one error or bug can be a disaster. Even if you’ve run several tests while building your product, unexpected issues can still crop up at the last minute. A code quality audit serves as both a routine checkup and a final inspection to make sure your product is secure and problem-free.

What is a Code Quality Audit ?

A code quality audit is a comprehensive analysis of source code in a software solution or product. It is regarded as one of the most critical stages of the security process as it serves to validate the code maturity and maintainability, also ensuring that the product is ready for a seamless handover. It involves analyzing the code for vulnerabilities, potential bugs, and adherence to best practices, identifying and addressing potential risks, and improving overall code quality.

Why Should You Perform a Code Quality Audit ?

Normally, a code quality audit has the following basic goals:

  • Understand the current project structure and functionality
  • Identify existing and potential bugs
  • Uncover security vulnerabilities and breaches
  • Confirm performance and scalability
  • Assess code maintainability and associated risks and costs
  • Verify conformance with relevant software development standards, guidelines and best practices

Beyond these objectives, from a business perspective, a code review helps companies save money and prevent the loss of potential customers by avoiding the release of lower-quality products.

Advantages of Code Quality Audit

A code quality audit offers several advantages for your software, such as:

  1. Enhanced code quality: Code audits pinpoint and fix potential issues, making your code better overall.
  2. Improved security: Regular code audits uncover security weaknesses, allowing your team to enhance the software’s security.
  3. Easier maintenance: Code audits reveal areas that may be tricky to maintain, helping you streamline the code for future efficiency.
  4. Cost savings: Detecting and fixing problems in a code audit saves time and resources compared to addressing them after they’ve caused issues in the software.

Code Audit Covers:

Cost-Effective Code Audits:

When it comes to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your software, conducting a code audit is essential. However, to make this process cost-effective and efficient, there are some key strategies to consider.

  1. Consider an Offshore Code Audit:
    Sometimes, your in-house development team may miss errors in their own code due to their familiarity with it. To gain a fresh perspective, consider outsourcing your code audit to a third-party service. These code auditors can provide an impartial and open-minded examination, offering valuable feedback and uncovering hidden issues. At HackTech, our team specializes in software code audits, ensuring consistent code performance. We have a strong track record as a top web development company.
  2. Combine Manual and Automated Testing:
    Auditing your code requires a thorough examination. Manual testing is excellent for identifying surface-level issues, but for a deeper dive, consider employing automated testing. Automated testing tools can effectively analyze your code, revealing hidden problems. By combining both manual and automated testing, your QA team can promptly identify and resolve errors, saving you from potential future issues and expenses.
  3. Schedule Regular Code Audits:
    To maintain the health and security of your software, it’s essential to schedule regular code quality audits. We recommend conducting these audits at least once or twice a year. Regular reviews during the development process provide more opportunities to spot significant issues and maintain security from the outset. Fixing problems at these early stages is not only easier but also more cost-effective. Remember, the later you discover an issue, the more expensive it becomes to rectify.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your code audits are not only cost-effective but also highly beneficial for the overall quality of your software.

Our Experience

For the past 8+ years, HackTech has been providing assistance to business owners in product development and engineering. Frequently, we collaborate with clients who already have existing products that require evaluation and enhancement with new features.
We believe that initiating such projects with a code quality audit is essential to ensure the highest quality for the final product. If you have digital business needs, we encourage you to reach out to us today for a discussion.

Code Quality Audit: What to Do with the Results?

At HackTech, we provide our clients with the results of a software code audit in the following manner:

  • A Comprehensive Report:
    We compile all the issues, vulnerabilities, and problems we’ve discovered into a detailed list. This code audit report includes a description of each issue and recommendations explaining why these problems should be addressed. This report can serve as a valuable tool for upgrading the product, addressing issues, and planning future tasks. While we are always ready to fix all the issues at reduced rates, our clients are free to share this code audit checklist with any development partner, whether it be their internal team, freelance developers, or an offshore company.
  • Detailed Recommendations:
    Our service goes beyond merely listing issues. We provide guidance on how to address these problems and enhance the overall quality of the source code. We explain the significance of each issue and vulnerability, as well as the urgency of addressing them.
  • On-Site Issue Resolution:
    At HackTech, we aim to be a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs. After conducting the code audit, we offer immediate on-site correction of all the identified issues and code problems. Additionally, we provide lifetime product maintenance and support services to all our clients.
    With these steps, we ensure that the insights from your code quality audit are not only clear but also actionable, helping you improve your product effectively.

Ready for a Code Quality Audit?

At HackTech, we have been developing, testing, and auditing software products for over 8+ years. We use software code auditing as a part of our product development process to ensure that our clients’ projects are stable, functional, and secure.

Have more questions about code quality auditing? Feel free to reach out to our team for more information.

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