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HackTech's benefits

As a company that forms its team based on similar values and backgrounds, we strive to construct a culture that unites all like-minded people under one roof and maintains a positive and productive ecosystem. And to be productive at work employees should be satisfied by their job. Job satisfaction, in its turn, is directly tied up with employee satisfaction and happiness. At HackTech we provide our employees with the relevant benefits to keep them satisfied and happy.

Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is one of our top priorities; we care about each member of the team, providing them with necessary support and annual health insurance after successfully passing the three-month probation period. Along with the 20-day annual leave, there are also 5-day-offs provided by the company. Being proactive about the well-being of the team, the company also provides 3 additional special day-offs for emergency cases. 

Working in a healthy environment, surrounded by open-minded people, ready to jump in to assist you whenever you’re having any trouble, can be a huge advantage by itself, but the company realizes that sometimes the employees feel more motivated working from home and gives them the choice in case they need it. 

Employee growth

We are all about employee growth, constantly empowering every individual to learn, develop in their career and boost productivity by designing regular knowledge sharing sessions, external trainings (online and offline), Partly/fully paid relevant certifications, English language classes and many more. 

Employee happiness

The key to a successful business story, as we see it, lays mostly on the results produced by employees which makes them valuable assets, pillars of the organization. Following this approach, we constantly emphasize their contribution and employee happiness. We cater the needs of our team providing them with complimentary refreshments, having happy Fridays, Game and Relax zone and celebration of holidays. We boost the spirit and the sense of belonging by team lunches, team-building activities, corporate events, along with referral bonus, as another form of motivation. 

Employee importance

The relationships within the organization and employees’ feeling appreciated and important within the company are the impetus that drives better results for the business. To build a better bond and obtain extraordinary results we are the most attentive to our staff with welcome boxes, birthday/New Year gifts, baby born packages and performance based semi-annual/annual salary raises. 

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