Why Koala? 

Koalas are the absolutely adorable, fluffy marsupials often referred to as “Koala bears” living mostly in forests of Australia. It’s an iconic animal, one of the rare species that has survived extinction and become an integral part of Australia’s culture.

Koalas are social animals who live in family groups. They are also very gentle, affectionate, and friendly.

But there is more to that, Koala is a symbol of the unity between nature and human culture. It is at peace with itself and the world around it. From the symbolic point of view these wise animals represent empathy, kindness, and compassion. 

Known for their friendly nature and the ability to adapt to different situations these marsupials became the symbol of friendship and loyalty standing for peace and harmony.

We believe Koalas’ symbolism represents the ideology of our company. We move forward building our identity and culture on trust and loyalty. We are confident that empathy and hard work are the keys to achieving long-term goals and creating a healthy working atmosphere. 

Companywide, we strive to create a unique bond between employees and build a trusting ecosystem where ideas and experiences can be shared freely, where empathy and loyalty stand hand in hand motivating the team to go an extra mile and learn from each other’s expertise. 

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